Casino’s Dictionary

ABCD: All ‘Bout Casino’s Dictionary!

A casino is a gambling place but a gaming place as well. Right?

Yes, casinos are where people gamble while playing gambling games such as roulette, poker, craps, blackjack, etc.
We have seen people using some gaming terms while gaming. They have popularly known the casino slang terms! In the same way, casinos have got some familiar words that the players use.

It would be good to know how the game works and what the terms exactly mean. That makes the player very confident to gamble.
So, let us look at the essential terms used in casinos with their meanings!

Casino’s Dictionary

➢ Action: This denotes that the player needs to get in action, which means it is the player’s turn to play. The word is usually used in slots or table games like roulette and blackjack.

➢ Advantage Player: This term was primarily used in the traditional casinos, which means the player uses card counters in a table game, especially blackjack. However, it is used in online casinos when the player uses their bonus.

➢ Banker: Banker is another name used for the casino house or the dealer.

Casino’s Dictionary

➢ Bankroll: Bankroll refers to the amount of money given by the player to the banker initially; the amount is kept for gambling against the dealer or casino house.

➢ Bonus: Bonus refers to the money provided by the banker of an online casino based on certain conditions.

➢ Buy-in: Buy-in is a part of gambling where the players need to convert their cash into casino chips or casino tokens. The buy-in can sometimes be a cost of entry, like in poker tournaments.

Casino’s Dictionary

➢ Cage: Cage is the destination where your casino chips or tokens are converted into your cash instead of the dealer dealing with these things. One needs to know this term if they want to master understanding the real casino!

➢ Card Sharp: The term is also popularly known as ‘Cardshark,’ which refers to an outstanding player at gambling and stuff.

➢ Card Washing: This is usually seen in traditional games when the cards are shuffled; However, the cards are shuffled mechanically nowadays, as they save time.
➢ Degenerate Gambler: Degenerate gamblers are the players who are frequent visitors to casinos and gamble excessively.

Casino’s Dictionary

➢ Deposit: Deposit is usually used in the online casino, which refers to the amount of money that the player puts in the stake before gambling.

➢ Download casino: Download casinos refer to where players have to download casinos online, not play using websites.

➢ Double or nothing: The term is usually used in betting games like odd or even, red or black, etc. The term refers to where the player bets upon a game and wins double the money he invested if won; but, he gets nothing if he loses!

These are the most commonly used ‘ABCD’ terms in Casinos. We hope it was helpful enough, and do not forget to flaunt using these sang phrases while you visit casinos!