Beautiful and Decorative Black Wood Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

Black wood fence offers you privacy and peace in the garden. Yet fewer and fewer people are opting for a standard fence, because it is rather boring. Who wants to look at some boring boards all the time? Fortunately there are also other fences. Special fences due to the material, the style or the execution.  Some people prefer a sturdy, closed fence. This can also be very beautiful and decorative. And anyway it is practical when people are inclined to climb on or over the fence.

A closed fence does not offer that possibility and therefore also offers more privacy and tranquility. Are you looking for a fence that offers even more openness than a grid? You can easily make this fence of iron wire yourself. It is a completely open concept, but you can let it grow with plants.

Then you have a nice, green fence that offers privacy.  Back to the closed fences: this fence consists of long, narrow slats. It gives the fence a smooth, sleek and modern look. Ideal for a modern or Scandinavian garden. You rarely have to stain the wood and it will retain a beautiful and bright color for a long time. See you soon!