Beautiful Layout Modern Wood Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

Modern wood fence is a practical way to keep bugs away from your precious flowers and add structure to your garden or garden. It gives you a way to clearly define your garden from the rest of your garden and at the same time add a little personality and style to your outdoor space. And while some ideas, such as this beautiful layout by Brooke Giannetti, require a little more effort, others can easily be made in a day or two.

These fence uses wood and chicken wire to separate the garden from the rest of the garden and adds a focal point with an inviting breakfast table between the garden beds. From rustic to Tuscan inspired, the appearance of your garden fence sets the tone for the rest of the garden. It is open and airy, so the garden beds still feel like a cohesive part of the garden, but the embedded wire effectively keeps out harmful insects.

If you want a way to protect your garden and garden and at the same time offer a little privacy, then this modern wooden fence is an excellent choice. It is high enough to keep both animals and curious neighbors out, but nice and stylish enough to make your home more attractive. Decorate with a few hanging plants on the perimeter to really take this look to the next level.