Beautiful Patio Curtain Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio curtain ideas add more privacy to your patio. Fabric panels are typically used with a patio that has a roof over the top because the curtains are attached to the bottom of the roof. When you want more privacy or protection from insects, close the curtains. Open the curtains to let in more light in the space. Patio curtain ideas require little money, which allows you to replace the curtains once a year or more frequently if the sun whitens the fabric.

Vintage fabric is sometimes expensive, but thrift stores and garage sales offer cheaper pieces of fabric. Old pillowcases, handkerchiefs, handkerchiefs and even aprons are at economical prices. Once you have your fabric, arrange the pieces in different panels. Create enough panels to completely surround the patio. Install metal hooks around the bottom of the roof, and use the hooks with the curtain rods. Sew the pieces of cloth together to make the panels, and place a curtain rod on top of each panel. Wrap the end of the fabric around the rod, and sew along the edge to create a pocket. Hang the curtains around the patio. Tie the scraps of fabric or debris around the curtains to keep the curtains closed.

Mosquito net is a type of woven material, gauze. The fabric has a light and open feel that allows sun and light shines through while keeping the insects out. Mosquito netting comes in neutral tones, such as khaki, light brown and white. The colors work with almost any type of design style, including shabby chic styles and more modern decoration. Attach hooks on each corner of the cover, and pass the material from the hooks.