Choice of the Right Wood Fence Types

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood fence types – A wooden fence emphasizes the natural character of your garden or meadow. Wooden fencing therefore combines beautifully with these earthy tones. But which wood is most suitable for your garden fence? And what is the use of impregnation? Discover here all tips, including prices and lifespan per type of wood.

The choice of the right wood is crucial for several factors. It not only determines the lifespan of your garden fence, but also the appearance and price of your wooden fence. But which types are actually eligible? Untreated softwood comes from conifers such as the spruce and pine from Northern and Central Europe. Examples of this are pine and pine . Untreated softwood is the cheapest option, but also has the shortest lifespan. To extend the lifespan, the wood must be treated against moisture.

By applying an extra moisture-repellent layer, the wood is made water-repellent. This means it lasts up to 5 times longer. Moreover, this way you prevent moss and algae from attacking the wood. The most efficient and qualitative form is impregnation under pressure. Choose a recognized professional and assure yourself of a correct placement of your closure and a good end result. Check our gallery to inspire you!