Cozy Comfort Small Patio Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Together, we will be able to establish your needs and make your dreams come true, in a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the aesthetics and the cozy comfort of small patio ideas, which will make you want to spend quality time with parents, friends and family in your new oasis of peace. The benches are popular in outdoor decoration, especially when decorated with cushions in the colors and textures of bohemian / gypsy Middle Eastern. If the cushions are in vogue, still needs a bench on which to deposit them!

Open or covered with a partial roof, treated wood, aged barn wood or synthetic rattan, the benches come in all kinds of forms to harmonize with your patio, regardless of its size. After a few seasons of white, gray and cream, we now see the return of rich and saturated colors like red, turquoise, purple, emerald green and even black. Elegant and sophisticated, these colors create intimate and enveloping conversation zones, in an environment that is yet open to the stars. We love, we love!

The garlands of lights create a magical atmosphere and give us the impression of a constantly starry sky. It can be installed on a screen of the pergola, between 2 branches of trees or even around a tree trunk. Several models of light garlands are solar; what a magic to see them light up when the sun goes down!