Creates a Wonderful Diy Wood Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

One of another ideas garden diy wood fence that clearly separates the beds from the rest of the garden. This fence was designed by blogger Merry Pad and offers a sturdy and stylish way to screen off a vegetable garden. The wood gives a rustic, rural feel without feeling too vintage or cottage-y. This option has much more height than some others, but because it is still open, it does not feel embedded or overwhelming.

The slatted frame with black wood is at the same time practical and inviting, and creates a wonderful corner for peaceful coffee on Sunday morning and also for tomato plants. The grid panels are a great way to incorporate vine plants and add even more greenery to the room. If there is one do-it-yourself material that can be used in almost any area of ​​your home, it’s the wooden pallet.

Whether you are lucky enough to score a bundle for free or you have a deal with the local hardware store, pallets are both a bit rustic and a bit modern – and very versatile. This fence from Backyard Boss adds a modern and refined atmosphere to the landscape of the back garden by using wooden pallets. Paint the pallets white to create a more traditional look.