Creative Small Backyard Patio Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Small backyard patio ideas – Owners who have the small living space challenge have options for decorating their patios. Although space is limited, it can have a great impact. Be inventive, use your space effectively and use design tricks to make your patio look larger. The result will be a patio that invites its guests to stop and enjoy. Use a neutral palette on your furniture to make your landscape stand out.

Keep your patio furniture consistent with your interior room to create a flow between both spaces. Increase your views by adding a mirror or two to your patio wall, which makes your small patio look bigger. Choose the furniture that suits the scale of your patio. Buy a rectangular table for a long, narrow patio, for example. Or better yet, buy two square tables to increase the flexibility of your dining room.

Add a fountain feature, bench, statue or bright flower bed to attract the look to the most distant point in your yard. This technique adds depth to the view and increases the perceived size of your patio. Add the flowers that overflow wall pots to save space on the floor and still have plants in your yard. Train a bougainvillea for a trellis next to your patio to provide shade and privacy.