Ideas for Patio Set with Umbrella

Posted on Cabinet Style

You can make your own round patio set with umbrella from either an old parachute or with a nylon parachute material. This nylon material is not only durable and long lasting, but also rainproof. You can also learn to make your own stand for the patio umbrella.


Get and Preparing the Umbrella Material

Spread the nylon material on a flat, clean surface that will accommodate the desired size of your patio set with umbrella. To cut out a circle about five feet in diameter, first measure five feet over the fabric with tape measure and put a mark where you have to cut the fabric at both ends with the pen. Using the needle and thread, fold the material all the way around the circle about 1/2 inches for a nicer look. Cut a hole in the center of the material that is one inch in diameter, with the same size as the diameter of the bushing.

With the help of a hammer, tap the bushing over and in this hole nice and snug. Place the patio set with umbrella in the material evenly spaced where you place your measurement marks. Drill two holes in PVC pipes. Drill the first hole approximately one inch from the top of the post. Drill a second hole three inches from the top of the tube. Insert a bolt through the lower hole and then put a nut on the other end of it to secure it in place. You should have 2/1 inches of bolt showing on both sides of the tube.