Ideas to Make Wood and Metal Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood and metal fence – If repairs are getting rid of that wire fence in favor of a wooden fence. Do not remove the metal posts. Use them as the main supports for your new wooden fence with the help of supports or drilling through the metal poles. Your fence will be so robust and attractive, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Here is how to build the wooden fence using the metal posts.

Purchase specialized connectors closely. Simpson makes two different classes for the use of metal poles with wooden fences: normal, for fence line posts, and angled, for corner posts. Ask for the correct amount of the fence connectors being built. Two to four are needed by mail, depending on the number of horizontal support pieces you are using. You want at least two pieces of horizontal support. And probably three if your fence is 5 feet tall or more.

Using chalk or a marker to mark the appropriate space for your horizontal support pieces at each metal post. Slide the fence connectors onto the pole. Tighten the connectors over the marks using the horizontal clamping screw that goes through the neck of the connector. Get someone to hold their horizontal support piece in place, and install the screws through the holes on one side of the connector and on the horizontal support piece.