Ideas to Repaint Metal Patio Furniture

Posted on Cabinet Style

Metal patio furniture should be checked periodically for rust and deterioration. Exposure to the elements can cause even the best paint job to wear and become a danger to use. Repaint these items as necessary to keep them properly maintained and ready for use throughout the year. Always use paint products made specifically for the right type of metal for the best results. Maintain a brand registration of paint, you can identify the color and the number holds the original color.

Remove any surface other than metal glass caps, decorative plastics – or protect these surfaces using painter’s tape. Sand loose paint and rusting using sandpaper or a wrought iron wire brush, non-metallic scouring pads for aluminum and the soft use of a wire brush for galvanized metals. Sand all bubble up areas of old paint and make sure that all the rust has been removed. Wipe the remaining sand with a damp cloth and let the structure dry.

Apply a fine-grained sandpaper to smooth all surfaces of metal furniture. This prepares the surface to receive and bond with the new paint.  Wash the metal furniture using a mild detergent, water and a soft brush to remove any traces of dirt, debris and oil from the metal surface. Dry with a towel or a clean cloth. Place the furniture at eye level and on a protected surface with a protective cover.