Look Fresh Patio Privacy Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio privacy ideas – Want to enjoy your balcony without necessarily being in the sight of all the neighbors? We propose ideas to create a little privacy on the balcony. A wall of greenery, in addition to being pretty, will give you freshness and intimacy. Choose ivy or vine and install several levels to get the desired coverage. Use lattice panels that you will install to the structure. You can use it to hang plants or decorative accessories.

Use bamboo blinds, vertically or horizontally, to make your balcony more private.  If space allows, use a foldable screen. If you are handyman, there are several tutorials on the web to make one yourself! Make decorative panels … in fabric! You will be able to match the colors to your decor and change them according to your mood.

Some oversized flowerpots containing plants or small shrubs will provide a dose of shade and privacy. Simple curtains on a rod will offer you privacy and protect you from the sun. Choose the opacity of the fabric according to your needs. If your balcony is high enough, there is no need to hide in height. You can use a simple canvas hanging along the railing.