Patio Lighting Ideas with Amazing Effect

Posted on Cabinet Style

Patio lighting ideas – Summer is already here! And the long, friendly summer nights are coming back soon. Impossible to do without it! It’s true, when night falls, we like to regularly entertain friends or hold a family party in the courtyard. And it is in these moments that we need light to enlighten us at night and create a warm atmosphere. No need to buy beautiful lights in the shops!

In fact, it is possible to tinker with a unique outdoor lighting with simple conventional bulbs. What to add a beautiful light touch to the garden! The idea is very simple. Just put a baker’s shelf on the balcony and let your imagination speak by decorating it with a few plants, candles and tea lights . Cozy atmosphere guaranteed!

Original chandelier is super easy to make and the effect is amazing! Just surround a hoop of ribbon and a light garland. Hang the hoop to have a country chandelier of the most beautiful effect. Some lights judiciously positioned under the benches highlight the terrace even during the night. It makes you want to contemplate the stars, is not it? For an even more amazing effect, choose phosphorescent pebbles to achieve this bright center table. Place in the middle a container filled with lamp oil with a wick. And we bet that your guests will be amazed!