Quality Finish of Wood Fence Stain Colors

Posted on Cabinet Style

Wood fence stain colors – Hardwood comes from deciduous trees, often from exotic regions such as South America and Southeast Asia. These types of wood are very durable and do not need to be treated with additional moisture protection. Well-known types of wood are Padouk, Bankirai and Iroko . European hardwoods such as chestnut and oak have a slightly less longevity than tropical hardwood, but are therefore also slightly cheaper.

Those who are a little handy can place their fencing themselves. Hereby we give you some tips for a quality finish of your fence. Set out in advance where your fence should be with a few posts . Add 0.5 cm to the width of your fence. This gives you extra leeway to assemble the connecting pieces and allows the wood to work in changing weather conditions.

After all, wood is and remains a natural product. Place a bar on top of various posts and use a spirit level to see if your posts are nicely straight. Use self-adhesive roofing to provide extra protection against moisture in your ground. This way you extend the life of your soil piles. Quick concrete is ideal for firmly anchoring the posts in the ground. Check our gallery to inspire you!