Rustic Diy Patio Table

Posted on Cabinet Style

Building a rustic diy patio table is easier than you think. Who has never noticed, for example by visiting a park, those rustic tables that tourists need to rest or have lunch while enjoying the view? Building a table like that is simple enough and it will surely give our patio a very different look from the plastic tables and chairs that can now be found everywhere for just a few Euros.

A project like this is also suitable for diy patio table top beginners and will allow them, with just a few tools, to try their hand at a job of some importance. The rustic tables normally have the seats integrated into the structure. So that both the benches and the table can be considered a single piece. In this project a tent was added as a shelter for the sun.

The length of our diy patio table top ideas table is given by the number of seats we wish to obtain. Normally tables of this type do not count more than eight total seats, 4 for each side of the table (three would be preferable). The width of the structure is instead given by the sum of the seat widths, their backs, and the table itself.