The Simplest and Most Obvious Ikea Patio Umbrella

Posted on Cabinet Style

There are many parameters to take into account when acquiring ikea patio umbrella, or any other outdoor sunscreen system. As for example the exposure of the house, the surface to be protected, the available height, the expected projected shade (which is often one-third smaller than the deployed dimensions of your blind), the ceiling height available , and average rainfall in your area.

Starting from the simplest and most obvious, the umbrella. It is an accessory that has evolved a lot recently. And is available in a myriad of variations. In addition to the standard straight standard model, which can be wedged into one foot and emerge from the center of your table, the current trend is to offset parasols. Which can be standing or wall mounted, for increased floor space savings. , in the case of small spaces like a balcony or a small terrace.

It can be deployed according to the sunlight by following the course of the sun. And in the evening you fold it, so it does not clutter the space unnecessarily. It can be fix on a wall rod that allows to mount or dismount at will, can rotate 180 °. And its locking is provided by a brake handle. Also in the new types of parasols are semi-parasols, standing or wall-mounted too. Whose right side is placed along the wall, ideal for narrow spaces.