Trends for Backyard Patio Ideas

Posted on Cabinet Style

Backyard patio ideas – Despite the fact that the summer season is relatively short for us, we see on balconies, terraces and patios a panoply of decorative ideas inspired by trends in interior decoration. Usually synonymous with interior decor, area rugs are now found in the backyard. Made from mildew and weather resistant materials, these area rugs create distinct visual zones in the exterior design and make the d├ęcor more inviting and cozy.

These rugs are easy to maintain. But it is recommend not to leave them outside when fall arrives. Another trend borrowed from interior decoration: curtains. These are now found under pergolas, porches and covered galleries. If you like it, choose a fabric designed for outdoor use and resistant to sunlight, rain and mildew.

The curtains are perfect for creating intimacy, they consist of a stealth screen excellence! A vast selection of outer fabrics are now available in the shop. But if none of them please you, you can opt for fabrics made for the interior taking into consideration that you will have to enter. And leave your cushions morning and evening. They will be more vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. But when the look is so successful, you can compromise, right?