Very BeautifulDecorative Wood Fence

Posted on Cabinet Style

Decorative wood fence – If you have a garden with one or more fences, it is often a bit boring. A simple wooden fence is functional (you are not sitting with the neighbors in the garden) and you actually have no maintenance. Yet you can turn this simple wooden fence into something very beautiful if you use the right decorations.  Fence decoration ideas can consist of simple ingredients.

Just take a few fruit boxes and put them on by putting some plants in it. You will be ready in no time and your fence will look much better. Wooden heart with lights: This wooden heart consists of pallet wood and has an attractive border with lights. Certainly when it starts twilight this gives a very cozy and warm atmosphere in your garden.

You can also equip the fence with wooden cupboards or racks, with which you can conveniently store all kinds of things. Choose a contrasting color so that the cabinets stand out nicely against the smooth background of the fence. Wooden butterfly’s fence decoration consists of a number of large wooden butterflies in different colors. You can make these beautiful bits yourself, but you can also buy them ready-made for the fence. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!